Phase II©

Phase II©

A unique package of nine innovative new
product benchmarking studies featuring
our exclusive NPC Index Methodology

  • Identify unmet needs in the market place by providing feedback on your competitorsí image, efficacy, safety and satisfaction
  • Provide guidance on the image, efficacy, safety and satisfaction your new product must achieve for future success
  • Provide guidance in choosing your Phase III clinical trial endpoints
  • Evaluate your companyís organizational strengths and weaknesses

Our NPC Index makes it easy to benchmark, track and trend compounds within your companyís new product portfolio while comparing them to competitor compounds

  • Use our NPC Index to establish company performance standards and norms
  • Use our NPC Index to make Go / No Go, Investment, and Timing decisions for your new product portfolio

Our basic package of nine studies starts at only $97,500

$97,500Basic Package $40,000Additional Specialties $55,000Patients $25,000Strategy Workshop
  • All Data and Sample purchases will be billed at cost
  • All Honoraria, Travel, Food and Lodging will be billed as out-of-pocket expenses

Four to six months of fully integrated primary and secondary research running concurrently with your Phase II clinical trials

  • Months 1-2: Strategic Consulting and Secondary Data Analysis
    1. Market Assessment / Market Backgrounder
      Market size and growth / prescriber productivity / patient types / managed care influence and control / pricing / promotional spend
    2. Educational and Promotional Materials Review from
      web sites and on-line journals
    3. Pipeline, Portfolio and Competitive Mapping
      Time lines and quadrant maps for your companyís and your competitorsí products
    4. Internal Capabilities Evaluation and Index
      Six key corporate departments evaluated on fifteen performance dimensions
    5. Competitive Environment Evaluation and Index
      Launch environment evaluated on twenty-three drivers of market performance
  • Months 3-4: Qualitative TPP Primary Research with Physicians

    35 domestic one-on-one interviews (45-60 minutes IDIís) with 5 KOLís, 25 physicians from two specialties and 5 managed care administrators

    1. Research designed to calibrate new product feature performance ranges
  • Months 5-6: Quantitative TPP Primary Research with Physicians

    30-45 minute nationwide internet survey with 100 physicians from two specialties (50 completes per specialty)

    1. New Product Performance Evaluation and Index using constant sum assessment of new product feature categories, factors and levels
    2. Preference Share Forecasts for Best, Most Likely and Worst Case new product scenarios
    3. Overall NPC Index Score combining your Internal Capabilities, Competitive
      Environment and New Product Performance Indices