SZF offers consulting services in ten key areas of research. Our consulting teams are committed to promoting best practices and providing industry leadership in:

Primary and Secondary Research Methodology • Led by Steve Finestone and Diane Seward Global and Domestic Research • Led by Erica Bergstrom and Tom Hinkel Emerging Technologies and Competitive Intelligence • Led by Ron Rothman and Moshe Even-Shoshan Strategic Planning and Corporate Simulations • Led by Sam Osirim and Annette Halpin Business Development and Portfolio Management • Led by Dana Shinbaum and Steve Finestone Market Planning and New Product Forecasting • Led by Santosh Sambare and Carolyn Choh Market Access and Managed Care • Led by Whitney Devenny-Zuleski and Dick Shute Promotion Analytics and Sales Force Effectiveness • Led by Dave Chen and George Chressanthis Epidemiology and Health Outcomes • Led by Greta Bunin and Orit Even-Shoshan Physician Segmentation and Patient Journey • Led by Mike Gibbons and Sophia Bunyaraksh